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  • Sweet Reads – gourmet manga recommendations

    I’d like to take a moment to recommend some food related manga that I find inspirational. Manga are Japanese comics (for those who don’t know) and one of the books that inspired me to create The City Sweet Tooth is a manga called Antique Bakery by Fumi Yoshinaga. The story concerns a small bakery and […]

    Thursday 28th August 2008 - 2:50:22 AM | Comment

  • Melon Soy Milk

    Time for another “Not Just Desserts” post! I am a fan of soy milk. I am also a fan of melon flavored things. When I lived in Tokyo I became fond of melon soda. It seems that green melon flavor is more popular in Asia than here because you don’t see too many American green […]

    Wednesday 20th August 2008 - 2:23:57 PM | Comment (1)

  • NY Daily News interview!

    Check it out! Patrick Montero did a lovely interview with me for the Daily News! Click to read!

    Monday 18th August 2008 - 6:43:02 PM | Comment

  • Eton – Hawaiian Ice and Dumplings

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)! Update – Eton has closed the original location and is operating solely out of the new location at  372 Sackett St., nr. Smith St., Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn My latest cold dessert adventure brought me to Eton in Carroll Gardens. […]

    Wednesday 13th August 2008 - 2:27:23 PM | Comment

  • Fruit Salad Days

    I’ve decided to post more random musings about food that may not fall strictly within the dessert category, but nonetheless should be of interest to hungry New Yorkers. Also something to read in between comics! They will be in the “Not Just Desserts” category. This time I’d like to discuss fruit salad. In an effort […]

    Friday 8th August 2008 - 1:46:04 AM | Comment

  • Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!

    The L Magazine has posted my latest yummy comic! Click to read at the L! It’s available on the stands all over NYC in the Fiction issue! It’s about an NYC summer-time fave, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory! Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Monday 4th August 2008 - 7:17:41 PM | Comment (1)