Chelsea Market After Dark!

Friday 10th October 2008 - 4:21:14 AM

I just got back from the Chelsea Market After Dark event (hosted by Bobby Flay) and it was a blast! I love Chelsea Market anytime and this was a special opportunity to see it a little more behind the scenes, meet the people behind the food, and to try some of the spots I’ve never been to. The whole mood was joyful and party-like and there were plenty of high quality food and wines to sample! On to the photo parade!
The line to get in wrapped around the block, but everyone was in a good mood and it moved along at a regular pace.


Amy’s Bread had a lovely pizza…


Eleni’s was serving special mini Caramel Apple Cupcakes topped with caramel buttercream and Fleur De Sel. These were killer! The other special was Chocolate Cranberry Orange Mini Cupcakes. Mmm..


It was a real treat to meet Christine, Eleni’s Icing Manager. I love meeting the artisans behind my fave foods ^_^


Fat Witch had their luscious brownies and blondies on offer…


Ruthy’s had a GIANT red velvet cake!


Craftily carved pumpkins were on display…


The Bobby Flay burger situation was crazy. There was a bottleneck almost the whole night in the area he was signing autographs and serving burgers (at least I think he was I never got to see what exactly was happening). I barely got to see anything! Luckily, my friend Andy saved the day and got us some burgers. Yay! I would not have bothered if I was alone it was just too crazy.


Here’s Andy with the burger, and cleverly holding his wine glass in his pocket. Gotta keep the hands free!

It was the best cheeseburger either of us have tasted (though I must admit I haven’t had many as I’m not a burger fan normally). But I liked it a lot. The meat was very juicy and flavorful and it had cheese and potato chips on it. It also came with a margarita, I believe it was pink grapefruit flavored.


The Cleaver Company’s Green Table had lovely vegetables and plenty of copies of Edible Manhattan to take ^_^


Chelsea Thai had Green Papaya Salad and Chicken, Pork, and Beef Satay on offer. So good!


Morimoto had luscious Lamb Carpaccio…


I got to meet Franky, the proprieter of L’Arte Del Gelato. Love them! They had Pumpkin gelato tonight. Ohh lala!


Cheeeese at Buon Italia! That is all.


Friedman’s Delicatessen had pastrami, latkes and pickles. Oy vey!


At Ronnybrook Farm Dairy I got to try a Ginger Creme Brulee milkshake (with optional bourbon shots)! And it was good.


T Salon had lovely teas as usual…


and tea infused tapenades, a clever idea and tasty as well!


Food Network served large portions of shrimp with cheesy grits and duck confit!


There was DJing and as the hours rolled by and more wine was imbibed people got into a dancing mood!


I heard them playing Neil Diamond, Bowie, Gary Glitter, a mix of classics….


As it got even later I witnessed a few accidents – a barrel of sauerkraut was knocked over, a woman stumbled in the wine shop, but for the most part everybody had a blast and I’m so glad I went!

Now I will go to sleep and leave you with this image of the red velvet cake aftermath…


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