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  • Happy Passover! Holiday Links!

    Peeps Diorama by Brownie! You must click for the rest! (Blondie and Brownie) Kosher for Passover Cupcakes! (Cupcakes Take The Cake)  Matzah Ball Soup in Queens! (Serious Eats NY) Passover Sweets in Midtown! (Midtown Lunch) 10 fave Passover Recipes! (Serious Eats)

    Tuesday 30th March 2010 - 3:33:22 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Links for the Week of 3/26!


    Friday 26th March 2010 - 10:15:54 AM | Comment

  • Adventures in Fromage Part 3!

    Thursday 25th March 2010 - 5:18:36 PM | Comment (1)

  • Oh! Nuts Has You Covered for Passover!

    It’s Passover time again and Oh! Nuts has you covered whether it be cakes bought at their retail shops or their huge selection of sweets and Passover gift baskets available online. Passover is March 29th and 30th! Pictured above is one of faves from them, the Lace Cookies Florentine. Yum! They’ve also come out with […]

    Wednesday 24th March 2010 - 1:59:08 AM | Comment

  • Sweets at Choice Eats!

     Radegast Hall & Beer Garden‘s Donuts with Chocolate Sauce! I got to attend Choice Eats this week (my first time at the event) and had a great time! There was a good variety of food from fab restaurants all over NYC (curated by the Village Voice’s food critics) and it was very ethnically diverse. There […]

    Tuesday 23rd March 2010 - 1:09:35 AM | Comment (1)

  • Tea Tasting at Lady Mendl’s March 27th @ 1pm!

    Sunday 21st March 2010 - 6:06:05 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links – Week of March 19th!

    Cute Rainbow Cake! (Color Kitten) Limelight Marketplace will have lots of sweets! (NYT) Hester Street Fair gets Roni-Sue’s, First Prize Pies, Sarivole Organic Bakery! (Grub St.) Free Rita’s Ices 3/20! (Broke-Ass Stuart) 50% Off Artisan Stuffed Cannolis! (Sweet Fix NYC) Cake vs. Pie Tournament – vote for your faves! (Jezebel) St. Joseph’s Day Zeppoles! (Blondie […]

    Friday 19th March 2010 - 7:39:52 PM | Comment

  • Macaron Day Saturday March 20th!

    Francois Payard is organizing New York’s first ever Macaron Day this Saturday! It will feature free Macarons from many different great places in NYC (1 macaron per person when you say you are there for Macaron Day)! Click here for all the details!

    Thursday 18th March 2010 - 1:49:54 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – L.A. Burdick!

    L.A. Burdick 5 E 20th St New York, NY 10010 (212) 796-0143 Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 17th March 2010 - 12:28:59 PM | Comment (1)

  • St. Patrick’s Day Sweets!

      This illustration of Cookie O’Puss spiking a Shamrock Shake with Bailey’s Irish Cream came to me in a surreal vision, a St. Patrick’s Day sweets mash-up if you will. It is, of course, satirical – shout out to Carvel, Baileys, and McDonalds! Hope you enjoy it!  As for St. Patrick’s Day in NYC Here […]

    Tuesday 16th March 2010 - 1:54:50 AM | Comment

  • Happy Pi Day!

      March 14th is Pi Day, so have some pie and enjoy ^_^ Here are some links: Raspberry Rhubarb Pie recipe from Blondie and Brownie! Complete Serious Eats Coverage! The Blue Stove comic I did!

    Sunday 14th March 2010 - 12:09:02 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links! Week of 3/12/10

      (photo via Laughing Squid) St. Patrick’s Day Mini Cupcakes! (Cupcakes take the Cake) Discount on Kallari Chocolate! (Sweet Fix NYC) Early Look at Bomboloni in UWS! (NY Times) Free Chocolate, Wine, and Cupcakes this weekend! (Dessert Buzz) Chocolate Extravaganza put on by 92Y this Sunday! (92Y) Bake Sale next week to Save NYC Bake […]

    Friday 12th March 2010 - 3:31:46 AM | Comment

  • Gilt’s Oscar Sweets!

    Last weekend City Sweet Tooth comic subject Gilt hosted the Oscar party for NY area Academy members and Bloginity has pics of all the sweets action! (above photo from Bloginity)

    Wednesday 10th March 2010 - 3:50:17 PM | Comment

  • Look What’s Going to be at Choice Eats!

      I just found out Del Posto will be at Choice Eats on March 22nd at the 69th Armory, and they’ll be offering their Chocolate and Olive Oil Bastoncino – Olive Oil Gelato Lollipops Coated in Chocolate with Salted Breadcrumbs! This was a highlight at last year’s SWEET party, so you know what to do! […]

    Wednesday 10th March 2010 - 2:17:58 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week! (week of 3/5/10)

    The Kit Kat Flavors of Japan! (Ad Age via Jezebel) Oscar Cookies at Eleni’s! (Fork in the Road) New Ways to Enjoy Chocolate! (Daily Fork) Are Macarons the New Cupcake? (WSJ) The Best Babka in NYC! (Serious Eats) Vote for the Best Cupcakes in the US! (Luxist via Sweet Fix) Il Laboratoria del Gelato Expands […]

    Friday 5th March 2010 - 3:07:03 PM | Comment

  • Adventures in Fromage Part 2!

    This comic continues my French cheese adventures with my friend Xavier in Angoulême. The cheese shop was in the town’s large enclosed market. Definitely recommended if you’re ever in the area!

    Wednesday 3rd March 2010 - 12:36:27 PM | Comment

  • Choice Eats Tasting Event Monday March 22nd!

    NYC food fans would do well to check out Choice Eats this year! It’s a big tasting put on by the Village Voice and includes restaurants from all 5 boroughs, curated by their food writers! There’s also a contest to get in for the VIP hour! Buy tickets here.  Monday, March 22 2010 VIP Hour: […]

    Monday 1st March 2010 - 12:00:00 PM | Comment