Sweet Read – Not Love But Delicious Foods!

Thursday 24th February 2011 - 7:27:40 PM

Even though I’ve always been an ardent fan of Fumi Yoshinaga (her manga, Antique Bakery, inspired me to get into drawing food comics in the first place!), her latest has made her even dearer to me! Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy (fantastic title!), out from Yen Press, seems almost like it was tailor-made to please me. It’s a semi (or maybe fully) autobiographical collection of stories about Y-Naga, a manga artist, who, when she isn’t slaving over deadlines, eats out lavishly with her assistants and foodie friends. She relishes sharing her favorite foods and restaurants with others and goes into detail discussing and rhapsodizing about each dish, in true foodie fashion. She feels that inexplicable sense of pride when she brings somebody to a place she likes and has no use for dates who can’t match her enthusiasm for flavor. I love how she draws herself really frumpy and unkempt when she’s in deadline mode, then glamorous and made up for dining out. Though, even when she’s out on the town she tends to drop food all over her clothes and talk with her mouth full. I highly recommend this fun tale of friendship and food, with plenty of Tokyo restaurant suggestions, maps included!

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