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  • Sweet Links of the Week – 12/30/11

    Dylan’s Candy Bar Giveaway! (NYC, Style, & a Little Cannoli) Introducing: Cakesicles! (Cupcakes Take the Cake) “Killed By Dessert” Momo Milk Bar Event 1/16! (DessertBuzz) Mark Your Calendars for Choice Eats 2012! (Blondie & Brownie) Sweets in Chinatown! (A Passion for Food) Boozy Desserts! (The Hairpin) Tweet

    Friday 30th December 2011 - 11:59:22 AM | Comment

  • Creme Brulee Tart at Ceylon Tea & Bread in Osaka

    Here’s something really nice I had in Osaka at a shop called Ceylon Tea & Bread. They served my Earl Grey tea in a press with a timer and the tart was scrumptious!

    Wednesday 28th December 2011 - 10:27:21 AM | Comment

  • Salted Caramel Ganache-Filled Chocolate Buddha

    Say hello to the pink Himalayan salted caramel ganache-filled chocolate Buddha by Chocolate for the Spirit. This jolly fellow was in the press gift bag I received at the Chocolate Show. I finally got around to eating it, and in addition to being a gorgeous piece of chocolate ( I love his golden shimmer), it […]

    Tuesday 27th December 2011 - 10:53:26 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – 12/23!

    Gig Gay Ice Cream’s Festivus! (Blondie & Brownie) Gingerbread Extravaganza at Parker Meridien! (LPM) Turducken of Cheeseballs! (My Burning Kitchen) Financier’s Yule Logs! (Serious Eats) Midtown Holiday Treats Guide! (Midtown Lunch) Christmas at the Plaza! (NYC, Style, and a Little Cannoli) Tweet

    Friday 23rd December 2011 - 12:10:03 PM | Comment (1)

  • Holiday Cookies (repost)!

    Traditionally on Chanukah Jews eat fried foods (like Potato Latkes) to represent the miracle of the oil lasting miraculously long. So sweets-wise a traditional food is jelly-filled donuts or Sufganiyot. 

    Thursday 22nd December 2011 - 3:04:58 AM | Comment

  • Train Bentos in Japan!

    Wow, I love the train bentos in Japan! This is another area where the Japanese just have it way better than we do in the U.S. food-wise.

    Tuesday 20th December 2011 - 10:52:58 AM | Comment (1)

  • Last Minute Food Book Gift ideas!

    Looking for some last minute gift ideas for your friends who love food? I’m finally catching up on my book pile and I have some suggestions!

    Sunday 18th December 2011 - 7:46:49 PM | Comment (1)

  • Sweet Links of the Week – 12/16!

    10 Best Eats at Union Square Holiday Market! (Fork in the Road) Thimble Cupcakes! (Cupcakes Take the Cake) Congrats to Blondie & Brownie on Their Book Deal! (Blondie & Brownie) New Egg Nog Pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds! (Grub St.) Japan’s Banana Vending Machines! (Culture Japan) 10 Great Peppermint Sweets in NY! (Serious Eats) […]

    Friday 16th December 2011 - 12:52:37 PM | Comment

  • A Delivery From Black Box Dessert Club!

    I received a lovely sample box of goodies from Black Box Dessert Club last week. Now, this is a very cool gift idea for the sweet tooth in your life!

    Wednesday 14th December 2011 - 1:50:29 PM | Comment

  • Chanukah Sweets 2011!

    image from Jacques Torres This year Chanukah is observed between Dec. 20-28th, here are some Chanukah sweets tips!

    Monday 12th December 2011 - 10:57:16 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – 12/9!

    Get Your Chanukah Sufganiyot at Mile End! (Fork in the Road) Babbo Gingerbread House! (Eater) Cartoon Recipe for Greens! (Drawn Butter) Union Square Holiday Market Highlights! (Serious Eats) A Look at Dominique Ansel Bakery! (Blondie & Brownie) Even More Dominique Ansel Bakery! (Dessertbuzz) Meaty Cupcakes! (Jezebel) Tweet

    Friday 9th December 2011 - 10:00:03 AM | Comment

  • More Japanese Parfait Displays!

    I just can’t get enough of Japan’s plastic food displays. Especially the monstrous ice cream parfaits (often with a flan-like caramel pudding sitting on top of it all). I still haven’t actually ordered one yet. They are a bit intimidating, and we are talking about $12 or more worth of ice cream and fruit here […]

    Thursday 8th December 2011 - 9:54:08 AM | Comment

  • Free Cookie at Insomnia Cookies 12/14-18!

    Collegiate fave,  Insomnia Cookies, is opening a fourth NYC location on December 14th, and from 12/14-12/18 they are giving a free to cookie to each person bearing a printout of this coupon (click for full size)! This should be welcome news for those in the neighborhood who enjoy warm cookies all through the night. Their hours […]

    Wednesday 7th December 2011 - 2:54:45 PM | Comment

  • Scones at Cafe de COPAIN in Shibuya!

    Chocolate and Caramel scones with a latte at Cafe de COPAIN in Shibuya When we were staying in Shibuya, we found this cute cafe / pub near our hotel that had an amazing selection of  fresh scones and other baked goods every morning. They were cheap too! (100 yen, which is a little over a […]

    Tuesday 6th December 2011 - 10:08:47 AM | Comment

  • Back from my Japan 2011 trip!

    (Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto) Hi Sweet Tooth fans, I’m back from another fantastic trip to Japan! It’s one of my goals to visit Japan every year (as well as France), so hopefully I can keep it up.  This year stood out especially, because Japan is in recovery from the earthquake of March this year. Their tourism […]

    Monday 5th December 2011 - 10:30:32 AM | Comments (2)

  • Sweet Links of the Week – 12/2!

    Cupcakes Take the Cake Party and Cookie Takedown are Soon! (Blondie & Brownie) A Schweddy Balls Ice Cream Review! (My Burning Kitchen) Johnny Iuzzini’s Pop-Up Book Dreams! (Grub St.) Burger Doughnuts in Japan! (Topless Robot) Macarons at Chikalicious! (DessertBuzz) Tweet

    Friday 2nd December 2011 - 1:21:11 PM | Comment