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  • Sweet Links of the Week – January 31st!

    Create Your Own Cheesecake! (NYC,Style, and Little Cannoli) The Trough – Ice Cream Sundae for 10! (Serious Eats) Donut Pub Profiled! (Eater) “Three Kinds of Crispy” Oreos in Japan (Eataku) Yuengling Ice Cream to Arrive in Feb! (First We Feast) Tweet

    Friday 31st January 2014 - 12:46:45 PM | Comment

  • Bordeaux Wines at the Bar Bordeaux Opening

    Recently, I got to attend the opening celebration for Bar Bordeaux, a new wine bar that focuses specifically on wines from the Bordeaux region. It is a collaboration of the Collective Hospitality Team and Bordeaux Region, so there were several Bordeaux vintners in attendance. The decor is a fun mix of classic and pop art, […]

    Tuesday 28th January 2014 - 3:38:04 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – January 24th!

    Sign up to Get Your Choice Eats Early Tix! (Choice Eats) Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall Plans! (Eater) Geeky Sprinkles! (Cupcakes Take the Cake) Alice’s Tea Cup! (NYC, Style, and a Little Cannoli) Tokyo’s Kit Kat Chocolatory! (Eataku) Bouchon’s New Canele! (Serious Eats) Tweet  

    Friday 24th January 2014 - 2:38:18 AM | Comment

  • Amedei Chocolate Has Arrived in NYC!

    Last week, I got to attend an opening celebration for Amedei Chocolate, a luxury chocolate brand from Tuscany. It’s so exciting to have Amedei here, they have won many awards for their chocolates, and founder Cecilia Tessieri is heralded as “the only female maitre chocolatier in the world”! At the event, we sampled several of […]

    Tuesday 21st January 2014 - 12:08:03 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – January 17th!

    Ample Hills to Open New Gowanus Location! (Serious Eats) Kit Kat Store to Open in T0kyo! (First We Feast) A Look at Treat House! (NYC, Style, & a Little Cannoli)  A Lunch at Eleven Madison Park! (Oh, How Civilized) Tweet

    Friday 17th January 2014 - 11:09:00 AM | Comment

  • Gamera Attacked My Gingerbread House!

    Hope everyone had a great holiday break! I built a gingerbread house, but then it was attacked… by Gamera! Here are some photos from this shocking turn of events. Happy New Year!

    Saturday 11th January 2014 - 7:07:26 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – January 10th!

    Canele by Celine has a Shop Now! (Serious Eats) Chocolate Party at The Bell House Jan 14th! (Just Desserts NYC) Big Gay Ice Cream Got a Menu Update! (Serious Eats) Robicellis will be Available at Grace Street! (Robicellis) Rose Bakery has Opened at Dover Street Market! (Sweet Freak) Tweet

    Friday 10th January 2014 - 4:16:17 AM | Comment