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  • Sweet Links of the Week April 26th!

    Cafe in Japan Will Seat you with a Moomin! (First We Feast) Christina Tosi’s Popcorn Cake! (Eater) Baked to Open a Tribeca Location! Häagen-Dazs’ Vegetable ic Cream! (First We Feast) A Visit to Sugar and Plumm! (NYC, Style, and A Little Cannoli) Tweet

    Saturday 26th April 2014 - 12:11:02 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week – April 18th!

    Krispy Kreme’s Sakura and Matcha Donuts in Japan! (I’ll Make it Myself) Famous Cookies Poster! (First We Feast) Easter Candy Tips! (Grub St.) Cooking with Cadbury Eggs! (First We Feast) A Look at Patisserie Tomoko! (Serious Eats) Tweet

    Friday 18th April 2014 - 6:56:51 PM | Comment

  • I’m on the Podcast From the After Movie Diner!

    This past week I made my debut appearance on the Podcast From the After Movie Diner. I chatted with host Jon Cross about Muppets Most Wanted, our favorite old Muppet movies, and just how great Miss Piggy is. Check it out! You can also subscribe to the podcast via itunes. Tweet

    Friday 18th April 2014 - 1:13:53 AM | Comment

  • Easter Sweets!

      Easter’s coming up and I was lucky enough to get a sample Gianduja Chocolate Nest Cake from Financier. I love dark chocolate and gianduja (hazelnut chocolate confection), so I knew this would be a winner right away! The cake has a base of moist macaron topped with chocolate cream, chunks of nougatine praline, and gianduja […]

    Thursday 17th April 2014 - 3:42:15 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week April 11th!

    A Taste of Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery! (Eater) Chocolate Matzo Cake at Zucker’s! (Serious Eats) A Trip to Cafe Sabrasky! (NYC, Style, & a Little Cannoli) Citrus Four Ways at Jean Georges! (Serious Eats) All About Palm Sugar! (Cakespy)  Choice Streets Tickets are on Sale Now!  Tweet

    Friday 11th April 2014 - 3:20:51 PM | Comment

  • Passover Sweets Ideas!

      photo courtesy of Financier Patisserie Passover is almost here again, and I have some sweet tips for you! As always,  your completely Kosher for Passover needs for gifts, sweets, and cakes can be filled Oh! Nuts. Get those orders in by Thursday April 10th for them! William Greenberg has a whole Kosher selection (including Apple Macaroon Cake) at […]

    Tuesday 8th April 2014 - 8:50:36 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Links of the Week- April 4th!

    Butter & Scotch Have Found a Location! (Eater) General Assembly’s Eclair! (Serious Eats) Basque Macarons! (Grub St.) Bakeable Kit Kat Pizza! (First We Feast) Tweet

    Friday 4th April 2014 - 11:48:31 AM | Comment