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  • Tea Tasting at Ippodo!

    Recently, I was invited to a green tea tasting at Ippodo (125 East 39th Street, NYC). Ippodo Tea Co. is a Kyoto-based tea purveyor specializing in premium Japanese green tea. At the New York outpost, you can sample and purchase interesting and very high quality varieties of green tea.

    Wednesday 6th August 2014 - 12:36:20 AM | Comment

  • Rose Bakery in the Dover Street Market!

    Last week, I had a chance to visit the recently opened Rose Bakery inside the Dover Street Market (160 Lexington Avenue, Ground Floor – enter via the door on 30th Street). Dover Street Market houses a collection of chic boutiques and Rose Bakery is the only restaurant inside. It has the feel of a casual and […]

    Monday 23rd June 2014 - 3:21:01 PM | Comment

  • Ground Central – Coffee, Sweets, and Atmosphere!

    This week I was invited to an opening event at Ground Central (155 E 52nd St bet. Lexington & 3rd). It’s a cool place with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends. I loved the backroom with its comfortable couches, chairs, and book collection!

    Sunday 23rd February 2014 - 2:54:28 AM | Comment

  • Valentine’s Tea from Chambre de Sucre!

    images via Chambre de Sucre Here’s a unique Valentine gift idea from our friends at Chambre de Sucre! The Secret Rendez-Vous gift set with their blend of chocolate covered strawberry tea (dark and white chocolate curls, dried strawberries, and earthy puerh tea). It comes with their adorable sugar Angel Wing Cup Huggers!

    Tuesday 11th February 2014 - 12:35:31 AM | Comment

  • Bordeaux Wines at the Bar Bordeaux Opening

    Recently, I got to attend the opening celebration for Bar Bordeaux, a new wine bar that focuses specifically on wines from the Bordeaux region. It is a collaboration of the Collective Hospitality Team and Bordeaux Region, so there were several Bordeaux vintners in attendance. The decor is a fun mix of classic and pop art, […]

    Tuesday 28th January 2014 - 3:38:04 AM | Comment

  • Hot Chocolate Night at La Maison du Chocolat – Dec. 23rd!

    Here’s a sweet tip! On December 23rd from 8pm until Midnight, La Maison Du Chocolate will have its first “Hot Chocolate Night” at their boutique at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The store will be open to the public past its usual hours and offering samples of their luxurious hot chocolate and macarons! It’s a great chance […]

    Thursday 19th December 2013 - 2:58:40 PM | Comment

  • Hot Chocolate Tasting at Grom!

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a hot chocolate tasting at Grom. One of the highest quality and most popular gelato chains in The City, they are offering three hot chocolate options, and they’re all wonderful! Grom’s hot chocolate is more of the thick, drinking chocolate style, perfect to warm you up in […]

    Thursday 19th December 2013 - 2:33:00 AM | Comment

  • A New Sipping Chocolate Has Arrived!

    I’m always on the lookout for a nice thick hot chocolate and there’s a new one in town! Dolcevite is a new local company, the creation of Brooklyn-based Christina Summers. Inspired by the sipping chocolate she experienced in Italy, she developed the drink which is now being distributed in cafes throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. The […]

    Thursday 10th January 2013 - 3:46:01 AM | Comment

  • The Sweet Life with Chambre de Sucre!

    Last week I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous tea party hosted by artisanal sugar company Chambre de Sucre! They make all sorts of gorgeous types of sugar and this party had wonderful sugar creations for us to marvel at as well as sweets, snacks and lovely tea and Prosecco. Here are some shots […]

    Friday 24th February 2012 - 10:03:00 AM | Comments (2)

  • Reminder: Coffee and Tea Festival is This Weekend!

    Thursday 23rd February 2012 - 10:34:56 AM | Comment

  • Hot Chocolate Festival is Happening Now!

    Just a reminder that City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival is going on through February with exciting flavors changing daily including Banana Peel, Earl Grey, Ginger, and many more. Check out the line-up here! (And I have plenty to tell you about my France and Belgium trip once I’m over the jetlag). Tweet  

    Friday 3rd February 2012 - 1:45:21 AM | Comment

  • Hot Chocolate on a Stick at Popbar!

    While you’re probably familiar by now with Popbar’s creamy gelato pops, they have something fun for winter – hot chocolate on a stick!

    Wednesday 11th January 2012 - 11:04:59 AM | Comment

  • Sweet, Sweet Wine Tasting: Precept, Part 1!

    This month  Precept kindly provided me samples of their sweet wines to try out! They carry several lines that are of interest to sweets fans. There is Chocolate Shop, Confectioners, Chocolate Cellar, and they have sweet Reislings as well, in their non-sweet specific brands. I set up a tasting with some friends, some who have sweet […]

    Thursday 5th January 2012 - 12:45:15 PM | Comment

  • Introducing Sweet, Sweet Wine!

    Every once in a while I’ve done some wine coverage, especially with chocolate pairings, but I’ve been wanting to bring more recommendations to sweets fans like myself. I am not a wine expert in any way, in fact, I often find myself disappointed when tasting wines since the most common wines are often too dry […]

    Wednesday 4th January 2012 - 3:20:04 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Bosie Tea Parlor!

    Bosie Tea Parlor – 10 Morton Street, NYC – (212) 352-9900 Tweet Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Saturday 10th September 2011 - 12:48:09 AM | Comment (1)

  • Chambre De Sucre’s Gourmet Sugar!

    I was recently introduced to sugar from Chambre De Sucre. This Japanese-based company makes lovely gourmet sugar products, suitable for afternoon tea, special occasions, or an elegant tea or coffee with a friend. I can see these being really nice hostess gifts too. The company has been around for 270 years crafting artisanal sugar products, […]

    Wednesday 8th June 2011 - 1:22:05 AM | Comment

  • 19th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival!

    Just a reminder that we are in the midst of City Bakery’s month-long Hot Chocolate Festival! Check their calendar with new hot chocolate flavors daily here! Full City Bakery Comic here!

    Sunday 6th February 2011 - 8:11:21 PM | Comment

  • Parisian Hot Chocolate Recipe Comic!

    The very talented Alisa Harris made this really cute hot chocolate recipe / holiday card comic. Click and enjoy!

    Thursday 23rd December 2010 - 12:05:11 AM | Comment (1)

  • Lady Mendl’s Walkers Shortbread Tasting 11/17!

    Hey tea and shortbread fans! Lady Mendl’s will be hosting a Walkers Shortbread Tasting on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. It will be presented by Afternoon Tea authority Ellen Easton with seatings from 12 Noon to 4 PM! It includes a five course Afternoon Tea & Walkers Shortbread Tasting, more details below…

    Sunday 31st October 2010 - 8:12:23 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Shakes on Saint Marks!

    Baoguette – 37 Saint Marks Place, NYC – Mark Burger – 33 Saint Marks Place, NYC – Tkettle – 26 Saint Marks Place, NYC – Gem Spa – 131 2nd Avenue, NYC Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 18th August 2010 - 12:33:37 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain!

    Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain 513 Henry St (between Sackett St & Union St) Brooklyn, NY 11231 Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 21st July 2010 - 7:37:59 PM | Comments (2)

  • Game Review: Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training

    In a City Sweet Tooth first, I am doing a video game (app.) review here! I was sent a demo to check out and since I enjoyed it and also found it educational, I thought you may like it too. The game is Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training, and it’s a game with anime/manga style […]

    Monday 19th July 2010 - 1:26:05 AM | Comment

  • Petrol Coffee at Les Mercredis au Chocolat!


    Monday 17th May 2010 - 4:29:38 PM | Comment

  • This week’s Les Mercredis au Chocolat!

    Saturday 1st May 2010 - 12:51:46 AM | Comment

  • Afternoon Tea at Lady Mendl’s with Ellen Easton!

    A week ago I had the pleasure of attending Afternoon Tea authority, Ellen Easton’s Afternoon Tea Tasting at Lady Mendl’s. It included a lecture and tea tasting followed by a 5-course Champagne Afternoon Tea. Here is a set of photos along with some fun facts I learned!

    Monday 5th April 2010 - 12:34:23 AM | Comments (2)

  • Tea Tasting at Lady Mendl’s March 27th @ 1pm!

    Sunday 21st March 2010 - 6:06:05 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – L.A. Burdick!

    L.A. Burdick 5 E 20th St New York, NY 10010 (212) 796-0143 Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 17th March 2010 - 12:28:59 PM | Comment (1)

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – City Bakery!

    Here’s the latest comic! It’s about City Bakery, remember – their Hot Chocolate Festival is on through the end of February! City Bakery 3 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011-4610 (212) 366-1414 Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 24th February 2010 - 2:35:10 AM | Comment (1)

  • Coffee and Tea Festival 2010!

    I got to attend this year’s Coffee and Tea Festival and had a fun time! There were a lot of the same exhibitors as last year, but the venue was different this year (7W instead of the Metropolitan Pavilion) and I think it suited the festival better. Above is a photo of Tea Beyond‘s wares. […]

    Monday 22nd February 2010 - 3:16:06 AM | Comment (1)

  • Coffee & Tea Festival This Weekend!

    The Coffee & Tea Festival is back this weekend! THE 5th ANNUAL COFFEE & TEA FESTIVAL: NYC February 20-21, 2010 7 W 34th Street New York, NY 10001 Sat: 11AM-5PM Sun: 11AM-5PM More details here. You can see last year’s report here! (photo by Marion Vitus)

    Thursday 18th February 2010 - 9:52:46 PM | Comment

  • Paris Sweets! Ladurée and Angelina!

    After Angoulême I headed to Paris for a very short (1 Day!) trip. As you can imagine I had a lot to cram into that day and managed to see the main sites; Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, and also had to get some sweets in there (of course)! I researched before the […]

    Monday 15th February 2010 - 9:02:07 PM | Comment (1)

  • Chocolate & I – 2/10! MarieBelle and Fine & Raw!

    The third night of Chocolate & I was another winner (despite the blizzard) and I got to try some more wonderful chocolate! I’ve been meaning to give MarieBelle a visit and after tonight’s “Some Like it Haute” event, a sampling of their truffles and hot chocolate, my resolve has strengthened!

    Thursday 11th February 2010 - 3:59:27 AM | Comment

  • Chocolate and Cheese Tastings This Week! 2/11 and 2/13!

    Reminder – Global Giving Circle party is tonight! Blame it on the upcoming V-day, but there are a load of amazing tasting events within the next week (and not just the Chocolate and I events)! Here are two that stand out!

    Thursday 11th February 2010 - 2:43:25 AM | Comment

  • Chocolate & I – 2/9!

      (Bespoke Chocolates Pretzel-Covered Sea-Salted Caramels) I got to sit in at tonight’s Chocolate & I events and learned a lot!

    Wednesday 10th February 2010 - 3:40:45 AM | Comment

  • City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival has started!

    It runs all February. Check the flavor calendar here!

    Wednesday 3rd February 2010 - 7:12:57 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Labs – Tassimo Suprema!

    City Sweet Tooth Labs is back, and this time we are testing out some sophisticated equipment!

    Monday 11th January 2010 - 7:58:00 PM | Comment

  • Coffee and Tea Festival!

    I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Coffee and Tea Festival, and as I suspected, there were plenty of sweets to sample along with the great selection of coffees and teas. These are from Hancha Tea! (photo by Marion Vitus)

    Monday 20th April 2009 - 1:38:20 AM | Comment

  • Latest City Sweet Tooth comic up at The L now – Tafu!

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)! UPDATE -Unfortunately Tafu has closed. Sorry! Check out my latest comic up at The L Magazine today. – Tafu! All things green tea!

    Wednesday 25th March 2009 - 11:34:26 PM | Comment

  • International Restaurant & Food Service Show

    I had the pleasure of attending the International Restaurant & Food Service Show last weekend and took some pics of the loveliest sweets!

    Wednesday 4th March 2009 - 2:34:25 AM | Comment

  • Chocolate Tasting Extravaganza!

    Here are some pics from the extravaganza that Global Giving Circle put on this past Saturday. It was an amazing event with a huge turnout and I got to enjoy many different chocolate items, many old faves and some new flavors too! For instance these Balsamic truffles from Donna & Company:

    Wednesday 18th February 2009 - 8:46:27 PM | Comment

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Head Start!

    So V-day is coming up and I compiled a “head start” list for those who wish to ship gifts to their loved ones all over, so these are all available over the internet to be shipped to your sweeties!

    Friday 13th February 2009 - 4:12:06 AM | Comment

  • Hot Chocolate Festival @ City Bakery

    Just a reminder that City Bakery’s 17th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival is on this month. In addition to their amazing original hot chocolate (though I recommend the shot size as it’s crazy rich), they’ll have a different flavor every day of the month! Click here for details!

    Tuesday 3rd February 2009 - 1:43:57 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Jacques Torres!

    My latest dessert comic – about Jacques Torres is up at The L magazine! Mmmm, Wicked hot chocolate! Buy an 11×14 high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 21st January 2009 - 3:27:20 AM | Comment

  • Three Tarts – City Sweet Tooth Comic!

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)! Click here to see my latest comic at The L Magazine about the Chelsea dessert and gift shop Three Tarts!

    Wednesday 17th December 2008 - 4:14:55 PM | Comment

  • A Sweet Take on Tastings NYC

    In addition to the Chocolate Show I attended Tastings NYC which was held in conjunction and in the same venue. An $80 Tastings NYC ticket would also get you in to the Chocolate Show. Here are a few of the sweeter offerings they had on display. Ruby Et Violette’s drinking chocolate. So good….

    Sunday 16th November 2008 - 3:37:02 PM | Comment

  • Last NYWAFF Post – T Salon Tea Infusion Tapenade Class!

    T Salon is a tea shop and lounge in Chelsea Market which also serves tea infused food. It’s a large and open space, and I was interested to learn that their lovely light fixtures are made of used tea bags! But the point of this afternoon was to learn how to make tea infused tapenades […]

    Friday 17th October 2008 - 2:41:45 AM | Comment

  • Grand Tasting! NYC Wine and Food Fest

    The grand tasting was fun, but had a lot less in the sweets arena than I was expecting, perhaps because of the Sweet event, they focused mostly on savories. But there was still a lot of good food (and beverages) to be had and I found some sweet spots. Here is the insane Target Choxie […]

    Sunday 12th October 2008 - 4:49:25 AM | Comment

  • Murray’s Cheese at Chelsea Wine Vault

    I thought this would be a casual mingling event, but it was more like an intensive class where each person had a set of ten wines and ten matched cheeses to taste. It was led by Liz Thorpe, VP of Murray’s Cheese and I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more on cheese and […]

    Saturday 11th October 2008 - 11:37:19 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth, Chocolate Bar!

    UPDATE – CHOCOLATE BAR HAS MOVED! It is now at 119 8th Ave. by Jane St. in the West Village. Yay! Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 10th September 2008 - 2:58:16 PM | Comment

  • Melon Soy Milk

    Time for another “Not Just Desserts” post! I am a fan of soy milk. I am also a fan of melon flavored things. When I lived in Tokyo I became fond of melon soda. It seems that green melon flavor is more popular in Asia than here because you don’t see too many American green […]

    Wednesday 20th August 2008 - 2:23:57 PM | Comment (1)

  • Madeleine Patisserie!

    You can also see the comic here at The L: : Madeleine Patisserie has added a lot of new seating and table service! Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 14th May 2008 - 11:56:11 PM | Comment (1)