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  • Tour Highlights – Gingerbread Cookie Cupcake!

    I’m doing some illustrations of my Dolltopia tour sweets highlights! This one is from Cupcake Jones in Portland, OR. Great cupcake and the Gingerbread Cookie on top was really yummy too!

    Friday 20th November 2009 - 1:12:51 AM | Comment

  • Bonus! Voodoo Dougnut in Portland, OR!

      I couldn’t go to Portland and not check out the famous Voodoo Doughnut!  I bought a yummy peach fritter and a bucket of day old doughnuts for $4. That’s right. A bucket!

    Thursday 12th November 2009 - 2:11:49 AM | Comment

  • San Francisco – Sweet Ride and Mission Minis!

    San Francisco! A great city with some great cupcakes! I ended up ordering from Sweet Ride and Mission Minis! Sweet Ride’s “Black & White” pictured above. Love the hearts!

    Wednesday 11th November 2009 - 1:55:38 AM | Comment

  • More Portland – Cupcake Jones at Floating World Comics!

      Last night I did a reading at the wonderful comic shop Floating World Comics and we got cupcakes from Cupcake Jones for the occasion. I LOVED the ginger bread ones and the Cherry Cheesecake ones were really nice too. The tiny gingerbread men were cute and tasted great!

    Friday 6th November 2009 - 10:19:57 PM | Comment

  • Cupcake Tour – Saint Cupcake @ In Other Words!

    Portland was amazing as usual. Gotta love a town that is so strong in the food scene AND the comics community! I did fun reading at In Other Words, an awesome feminist bookstore and we got cupcakes from Saint Cupcake.We got mini cupcakes in Malt Ball, Fat Elvis (peanut butter/banana/chocolate chip), and Chocolate with Cream […]

    Friday 6th November 2009 - 10:12:24 PM | Comment

  • Dolltopia West Coast Dates Tour This Coming Week!

    New England and NYC were amazing! Now I’m on my West Coast tour! Hope to see you there, be ready to eat some cupcakes and bring your dolls! Remember, whoever brings the coolest made over doll wins a copy of Dolltopia!

    Thursday 5th November 2009 - 3:36:30 PM | Comment

  • Coco Cake Cupcakes at Emily Carr in Vancouver BC!

      I just got back from my lecture at Emily Carr University on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. So fun! We got cupcakes from Coco Cake Cupcakes. Lyndsay does custom cupcakes to order and she matched the Dolltopia cover colors!

    Monday 2nd November 2009 - 1:53:54 AM | Comment

  • Cupcakes at Elfsar comics in Vancouver, BC!

    I’m having so much fun in Vancouver! The weather turned out to be sunny and gorgeous for most of the weekend and the foliage is so beautiful! I am definitely glad I did this tour in Autumn.

    Monday 2nd November 2009 - 1:27:34 AM | Comment

  • Tour! Eleni’s at Wonderland!

    At the Wonderland party in NYC we had Eleni’s minis. So pretty!

    Tuesday 27th October 2009 - 2:43:46 AM | Comment

  • Tour! Sweet at Comicopia in Boston!

    We had cupcakes from Sweet at Comicopia in Boston, MA! They had possibly the highest frosting I’ve seen on mini-cupcakes!

    Tuesday 27th October 2009 - 2:29:13 AM | Comment

  • Tour! Katie Made cupcakes at Casablanca Comics in ME!

    The weather stayed gorgeous for our stop in Portland, Maine where we had amazing cupcakes from Katie Made Bakery!

    Tuesday 27th October 2009 - 2:14:22 AM | Comment

  • Tour! Vegan Cupcakes at Revolution in VT!

    I just got back from a beautiful trip to New England. It was the perfect time to catch the foliage! My stop at cool vintage store, Revolution, in White River Junction, VT was a blast!

    Tuesday 27th October 2009 - 1:54:34 AM | Comment

  • Cupcake Tour – The Cupcakery and the Beguiling!

      We just got back from an amazing trip to Toronto!

    Monday 19th October 2009 - 1:12:57 AM | Comment

  • Cupcake Tour – Chikalicious at GRNY!

     Last night’s signing at GRNY was a blast! The staff there (especially the manager, Mark) was so helpful and nice. I have been a longtime fan of Giant Robot magazine, so signing at one of their shops was a big thrill for me!

    Sunday 4th October 2009 - 5:05:52 PM | Comment

  • Cupcake Tour – Baked at Rocketship!

    I ordered cupcakes for my first NYC signing (at Rocketship in Brooklyn) from baked! They were SO good! I ordered a dozen “Sweet & Salty” and a dozen “Red Hook Red Hot”. Both were delicious and unique.

    Saturday 3rd October 2009 - 4:30:53 AM | Comment

  • Cupcake Tour – Cake Love at SPX!

    The Dolltopia Cupcake Tour was kicked off this weekend at Small Press Expo in North Bethesda, Maryland! After researching I found only one nearby bakery that would deliver, which was a necessity at this tour stop. So Cake Love it was!

    Tuesday 29th September 2009 - 12:51:50 AM | Comment

  • SPX this weekend!

      Small Press Expo is finally upon us and Dolltopia is debuting there tomorrow! Here are the necessary details: it’s September, 26-27 @ Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, I’ll be at table # B10B. See you there!

    Saturday 26th September 2009 - 1:27:25 AM | Comment

  • Dolltopia cupcake tour!

    You may or may not already know that I have a new graphic novel coming out called Dolltopia. It’s a fun and quirky tale about dolls who are tired of being controlled by humans, so they start their own society, and you can read a preview here! It’s not exactly food related, BUT, my publisher, […]

    Tuesday 22nd September 2009 - 2:06:24 PM | Comment