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  • Shalach Manot and Erica’s Hamantaschen!

      The Jewish holiday of Purim is this weekend (from sunset 2/27-sunset 2/28) and a fun aspect of it is the sweets! Specifically, the tradition of Shalach Manot (aka Mishloach Manot or Shalach Monos) which is a gift basket sent to friends and relatives around Purim time.

    Thursday 25th February 2010 - 2:44:08 AM | Comment

  • Hamantaschen!

    I’m about a week late for Purim here, but I can’t let Hamantaschen season go unnoticed! Lucky for me I usually get home-made ones from my family. My faves are raspberry jelly filled and also the non-traditional grape jelly filled! They are available in stores year-round too, most famously Moishe’s Bakery on the Lower East […]

    Friday 20th March 2009 - 1:16:54 AM | Comment