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  • Full Comic! Wow, Can I Eat it All / Foods of Japan!

    Please enjoy the entire food mini-comic below that Yuuko Koyama and I created back in 2013!

    Saturday 14th October 2017 - 10:35:43 AM | Comment

  • Mochi Ice Cream from Mochidoki!

    image from Mochidoki Recently, I got samples of Mochidoki’s mochi ice cream. Mochi ice cream has always been a favorite of mine, usually I get it at Japanese restaurants or grocery stores in NY. It’s a small dumpling of ice cream wrapped in mochi (a dough made of pounded rice). What makes Mochidoki different is the flavor collections, […]

    Monday 11th January 2016 - 11:17:03 AM | Comment

  • This Year’s KitKat Haul from Japan!

    As most of us know by now, KitKats of Japan come in an exciting variety of seasonal and regional flavors! On my recent visit to Japan, I picked up a bunch of exciting ones that were new to me. So, here’s the rundown:

    Monday 30th November 2015 - 10:25:17 AM | Comment

  • Mont Blanc Oreos and Others from Mitsuwa!

    It seems like Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies have been really getting in on the special flavors lately. This past weekend at the NJ Mitsuwa I came across these. At first, I thought they were just Chestnut flavored, but upon closer inspection, I realized they are Mont Blanc flavored, based on the European pastry made with Chestnut cream and sometimes accented […]

    Wednesday 12th November 2014 - 12:15:40 AM | Comment

  • Tea Tasting at Ippodo!

    Recently, I was invited to a green tea tasting at Ippodo (125 East 39th Street, NYC). Ippodo Tea Co. is a Kyoto-based tea purveyor specializing in premium Japanese green tea. At the New York outpost, you can sample and purchase interesting and very high quality varieties of green tea.

    Wednesday 6th August 2014 - 12:36:20 AM | Comment

  • Making Taiyaki with European Fillings!

    By now, sweet followers, you know I love taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped pancakes with fillings). They’re great, but typically difficult to acquire outside of Japan. Luckily in New York, we can get them at Otafuku (236 East 9th St., NYC), but that’s really the only local spot I can think of. A while back, I received […]

    Thursday 24th July 2014 - 11:05:25 AM | Comment

  • Bakeable KitKats in NYC!

      After reading about the phenomenon of Japan’s Bakeable Pudding KitKats (officially “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini KitKats Custard Pudding Flavor”) on various Jblogs, I was thrilled to come across some in New York recently. First of all, these are pudding flavored  (a flan-style pudding). Secondly, they are meant to be baked in a toaster oven, and […]

    Friday 20th June 2014 - 5:10:57 AM | Comments (3)

  • Eight Turn Crepe!

    I finally got to check out Eight Turn Crepe (55 Sping St, NYC), and it did not disappoint! They deliver whopping Tokyo style crepes (as you can see in the picture). Tokyo style crepes are made with rice flour – yes, these are wheat free – and tend to come in more of an overstuffed cone […]

    Thursday 29th May 2014 - 2:25:15 AM | Comment

  • Green Tea Candy Extravaganza!

    It’s a Green Tea Candy Extravaganza! Well, maybe not an extravaganza, but I couldn’t help but notice some interesting Japanese Nestlé Green Tea candies have hit the shelves in Manhattan lately. We all know about the wonder of Green Tea KitKats (as sampled here). But this is the first time I’ve seen Green Tea Nestlé Crunch and Green […]

    Tuesday 20th May 2014 - 2:19:09 AM | Comment

  • Wasabi Brings Fun Japanese Fast Food to NYC!

    Recently, I was invited to check out the new Japanese fast food shop, Wasabi (561 7th Ave by 40th St., NYC). This shop is the first American chain of a business that is already popular in the UK. Of course, I jumped at the chance to try out it out. Upon entering, I was impressed with […]

    Wednesday 14th May 2014 - 4:15:22 AM | Comment

  • Back from Japan – and I Have New Kit-Kats!

    I’m back from my latest Japan trip, and I picked up some new Kit-Kats! This time around, I got Purple Potato, Pumpkin Pudding, Rum Raisin, and Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake.

    Monday 28th October 2013 - 11:27:48 AM | Comment

  • Japan’s Plastic Food at Kappabashi-dori!

    I’ve featured them a few times here, but I can’t get enough of the plastic food replicas (called sampuru) so common in Japan! When we were there in November, I made my first visit to Kappabashi-dori, Tokyo’s restaurant supply street. It’s also where several of the sampuru shops are. So cool! Here are some pictures […]

    Monday 25th February 2013 - 1:42:41 PM | Comment

  • Sweets Highlights from our Japan Honeymoon!

    In November we went to Japan for a two week trip. A wonderful honeymoon! We went to Fukuoka, Nara, Osaka, and Tokyo. Here are some of my fave food shots from the trip! (pictured above – Umegaemochi and Amazake in Fukuoka’s Matsuya Cafe in the Dazaifu shrine area).

    Monday 7th January 2013 - 12:08:22 PM | Comment

  • New Comic – New Year’s Mochi!


    Monday 31st December 2012 - 9:34:50 AM | Comment (1)

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Cafe de Copain in Shibuya, Tokyo!

    Here is their Facebook page! Cafe de Copain Tweet

    Saturday 8th December 2012 - 4:47:57 AM | Comment

  • Green Tea KitKat Taste Test!

    We got back from our Japan honeymoon a week ago and there is plenty for me to report on! One thing you may have heard of is that in Japan there are a lot of unusual limited edition KitKat flavors. Often they are regionally themed. A particular flavor that we found variation on is green […]

    Monday 3rd December 2012 - 2:17:05 AM | Comment (1)

  • Kaigai Manga Festa in Tokyo – Details for November 18th!

    Updated  New maps! Lots going on this Fall! Matt Loux and I just got married ^_^  For our honeymoon we will be going to Japan. We will be participating in the Artist Alley (map above – we’ll be at table A-09) of Kaigai Manga Festa, an international comics festival held in conjunction with Comitia at […]

    Tuesday 6th November 2012 - 11:14:31 AM | Comments (2)

  • Agemanju in Japan at Asakusa Kannon!

    Is the color on these great or what?! These are ume (Japanese plum) flavored Agemanju sold on the merchant street leading up to the Asakusa Kannon Temple. They are deep-fried manju (soft buns filled with bean paste). Really fantastic and a nice warm treat on a cold day. I found a recipe for them online […]

    Tuesday 10th January 2012 - 9:56:12 AM | Comment

  • Creme Brulee Tart at Ceylon Tea & Bread in Osaka

    Here’s something really nice I had in Osaka at a shop called Ceylon Tea & Bread. They served my Earl Grey tea in a press with a timer and the tart was scrumptious!

    Wednesday 28th December 2011 - 10:27:21 AM | Comment

  • Train Bentos in Japan!

    Wow, I love the train bentos in Japan! This is another area where the Japanese just have it way better than we do in the U.S. food-wise.

    Tuesday 20th December 2011 - 10:52:58 AM | Comment (1)

  • More Japanese Parfait Displays!

    I just can’t get enough of Japan’s plastic food displays. Especially the monstrous ice cream parfaits (often with a flan-like caramel pudding sitting on top of it all). I still haven’t actually ordered one yet. They are a bit intimidating, and we are talking about $12 or more worth of ice cream and fruit here […]

    Thursday 8th December 2011 - 9:54:08 AM | Comment

  • Scones at Cafe de COPAIN in Shibuya!

    Chocolate and Caramel scones with a latte at Cafe de COPAIN in Shibuya When we were staying in Shibuya, we found this cute cafe / pub near our hotel that had an amazing selection of  fresh scones and other baked goods every morning. They were cheap too! (100 yen, which is a little over a […]

    Tuesday 6th December 2011 - 10:08:47 AM | Comment

  • Back from my Japan 2011 trip!

    (Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto) Hi Sweet Tooth fans, I’m back from another fantastic trip to Japan! It’s one of my goals to visit Japan every year (as well as France), so hopefully I can keep it up.  This year stood out especially, because Japan is in recovery from the earthquake of March this year. Their tourism […]

    Monday 5th December 2011 - 10:30:32 AM | Comments (2)

  • On Vacation – In Japan!

    I’m off to vacation in Japan and will be back after Thanksgiving (I expect to have loads of great sweets photos for you when I return). In the meantime you can enjoy my  past Japan coverage here!

    Wednesday 16th November 2011 - 3:07:51 AM | Comment

  • A Trip to Mitsuwa in New Jersey!

    I recently got to pay a visit to Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery, food court, and mall in Edgewater, New Jersey. It’s  a fun destination, especially for fans of Japanese food and culture. The grocery area (where I got this cute sushi candy) has an amazing selection of produce and Japanese foods, but my favorite part […]

    Tuesday 2nd August 2011 - 1:36:54 AM | Comment

  • Otokomae Tofu at Mitsuwa!

    Friday 1st July 2011 - 11:22:20 AM | Comment

  • Finally, an Izakaya in Brooklyn!

    Great news! An izakaya (called, suitable enough Izakaya) has opened in Cobble Hill at 176 Smith Street over the weekend. Izakayas are a type of Japanese bar that serves pub food / small plates including things like okonomiyaki (a savory Japanese pancake), takoyaki (squid balls), and grilled onigiri (rice balls) as well as yakitori (grilled […]

    Tuesday 14th June 2011 - 2:31:18 AM | Comment

  • Poem and Art for Japan – Please Donate!

    This is a poem by my friend, cartoonist Yuuko Koyama about her experience in Japan right now. She is in the Tokyo area, she and her family are doing OK. Please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders at this link or other charities listed here. I’m living among the machines which I cannot repair I’m […]

    Tuesday 29th March 2011 - 12:43:14 AM | Comment

  • Kirakuya Sake Bar’s Yogurt Panna Cotta!

    This week I got to sample a meal at Kirakuya Sake Bar (2 W 32nd St Ste 2F, NYC), courtesy of It’s an izakaya (Japanese bar/ restaurant) in the Koreatown neighborhood and has some pretty unique food.

    Wednesday 9th March 2011 - 3:19:53 AM | Comment

  • Inside Butler’s Cafe in Shibuya!

    On my recent trip to Japan, I wanted to try a butler cafe. This is a theme cafe that Japanese women go to so they can be waited on hand and foot by dashing butlers. It’s a similar concept to maid cafes which have become really popular in Tokyo, but specifically for female customers. I […]

    Wednesday 12th January 2011 - 2:41:54 PM | Comments (9)

  • Japanese Bakers!

    In Japan, lots of stores have windows, so you can watch the bakers working from outside!

    Wednesday 8th December 2010 - 3:27:44 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Sweets of Japan!

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Wednesday 1st December 2010 - 3:20:11 AM | Comment

  • Japanese Parfaits on Display!

    I love the window displays for parfaits in Japan!

    Tuesday 30th November 2010 - 1:51:25 AM | Comment

  • Japanese Candy!

    I loved the candied fruits in Japan. Like candy apples, but with grapes, blueberries, and oranges too!

    Monday 22nd November 2010 - 4:33:25 AM | Comment

  • Cakes of Japan!

    I’m back from Japan! Please enjoy this gallery of cakes! More Japanese sweets photos to come!

    Monday 22nd November 2010 - 4:24:38 AM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Comic – Panya Bakery!

    Panya Bakery 8 Stuyvesant Street New York, NY 10003 (212) 777-1930 Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Sunday 5th September 2010 - 2:07:08 AM | Comment (1)

  • We Love Food! Comic Collaboration from ’98!

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Japan since I’ll be going there in November and visiting my cartoonist friend Yuuko Koyama. We have been pen pals since about 1996 and have collaborated on two comics together during my previous stays in Japan. We’ll be collaborating again this year and it made me want to […]

    Friday 27th August 2010 - 2:06:31 AM | Comment

  • Tofu and Ice Cream at the Japanese Fair!

    Despite the sporadic rain I made it out to the Japanese Healthy Food & Green Festival!

    Tuesday 24th August 2010 - 12:33:39 AM | Comment

  • Japanese Healthy Food & Green Festival Sunday!

    Just a reminder that the NY Japan Town Healthy Food & Green Festival is tomorrow! Madison Avenue between 43rd and 45th Streets (Map) starting at 11am. Johnny Tofu’s tofu cutting demo starts at 11am too!

    Saturday 21st August 2010 - 3:25:24 PM | Comment

  • Kyotofu at Dean and Deluca!

    This just in! Kyotofu sweets will be available at Dean and Deluca locations! Details below…

    Wednesday 9th June 2010 - 2:14:47 AM | Comment

  • Kanbi Sweets Collection at Kiteya!

    I recently came across these adorable sweets decorations and jewelry while shopping at the charming Japanese shop Kiteya in Soho! They kindly gave me the lowdown on these unique items!

    Tuesday 18th May 2010 - 4:46:54 PM | Comment

  • Final Souffle at Luxee

      Today is the last day Luxee is open and I had a farewell souffle. So good! They grated fresh parmesan cheese on top, for that sweet/savory combo. So light and fluffy. It’s sad to know I may never eat it again! Sob! Anyway, if you’re reading this today I’d recommend visiting Luxee at 6 […]

    Sunday 16th August 2009 - 8:11:34 PM | Comment

  • Cherry Blossom Sweets! Kyotofu, Luxee, Minamoto Kitchoan, & Matsuri!

    Now is the time when the cherry blossoms are at their peak, celebrated in Japan as the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival). You can celebrate it here in NYC May 2nd and 3rd at Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Sakura Matsuri (where I will be appearing and signing books)! You can also celebrate with special sweets at […]

    Sunday 3rd May 2009 - 1:12:01 AM | Comment

  • Latest City Sweet Tooth comic up at The L now – Tafu!

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)! UPDATE -Unfortunately Tafu has closed. Sorry! Check out my latest comic up at The L Magazine today. – Tafu! All things green tea!

    Wednesday 25th March 2009 - 11:34:26 PM | Comment

  • Luxee Fall Party report

    So I had an amazing time at the Luxee party!

    Thursday 30th October 2008 - 3:05:24 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Tip – Luxee Fall Party 10/28

    The Japanese Franch dessert cafe Luxee is having a fall dessert party. Click here for details!

    Thursday 23rd October 2008 - 11:59:30 PM | Comment

  • Latest City Sweet Tooth comic – Luxee!

    UPDATE – Luxee has closed T_T Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)!

    Friday 17th October 2008 - 2:34:39 PM | Comment (1)