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  • Sagrada Família Sketch!

    This is a quick sketch I did of our visit to Barcelona’s Sagrada Família. A must see if you ever visit. As astounding as the exterior design is, the interior with its glorious stained glass windows and forest-like columns is equally stunning! Tweet  

    Wednesday 13th June 2012 - 11:13:10 AM | Comment

  • Tapas and Sangria at Plaza Mayor!

    Here’s us cats having tapas and sangria at one of the outdoor restaurants at Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. It reminded me of the setup at the Grand Place in Brussels. Gorgeous buildings, cobblestones, touristy, but fun. At this point I was majorly jet-lagged but the tapas and sangria revived me! Tweet

    Wednesday 6th June 2012 - 11:16:52 AM | Comment

  • Cake Rant!

    I wrote this cake rant while on the plane to Spain. Sure, airplane food isn’t supposed to be the greatest, but why give me a dry cake? I would have preferred no cake at all! Of course once in Spain, the food was fab ^_^ Tweet

    Monday 4th June 2012 - 12:10:12 PM | Comment (1)

  • Travel Sketches Part 1 – Daddy Sweet Tooth and the Spa!

    While on my recent trip to Spain with my Dad, I did some fun sketches of our experiences, Kitty Sweet Tooth style! I’m posting my first batch here and there are more to come!

    Wednesday 30th May 2012 - 8:59:38 PM | Comment

  • New Comic – Kitty Sweet Tooth and Yutan in Brussels!

    I had lots of fun drawing this comic based on the trip I took with Yuuko Koyama to Brussels. We’re cats ^_^! More Belgium coverage here! Tweet

    Monday 2nd April 2012 - 9:52:28 AM | Comment

  • Kitty Sweet Tooth in Chinatown!

    Here’s a new Kitty Sweet Tooth adventure about Chinatown! I want to do some more with her adventures all over the place. If you’re looking for the young coconuts, they’re sometimes at a vendor on Canal St. near Mott St. For the soup dumplings you can get them at Joe’s Shanghai, Joe’s Ginger, or Shanghai […]

    Thursday 7th July 2011 - 1:54:53 AM | Comment