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  • Asian Feastival – Monday, September 6!

    Thursday 2nd September 2010 - 11:12:43 PM | Comment

  • Sushi Feast at Miya’s in New Haven Ct!

      Went to CT this weekend and shared an amazing sushi feast at Miya’s Sushi (home of the Seven Deadly Sushi dessert I drew here). Lots of unique creations inspired by various countries, regions, and themes with an emphasis on sustainability. Yay, Miya’s!

    Monday 14th June 2010 - 12:31:57 AM | Comment

  • Seven Deadly Sushi at Miya’s Sushi in CT

    Buy an 11×14 signed high quality giclee print of this comic for $29 (plus $6.50 shipping)! Recently, I got to check out Miya’s Sushi (68 Howe St. New Haven, CT), a very unique sushi place, after a lecture I did at a local college.

    Monday 10th August 2009 - 12:06:51 AM | Comment