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  • Travel Channel gift guide

      Cool Japan Guide is on the Travel Channel’s gift guide for 2016! ^_^

    Saturday 17th December 2016 - 1:31:42 PM | Comment

  • I’m in the Brooklyn Paper!

    I got a write-up in The Brooklyn Paper for my upcoming talk at Waku Waku NYC this Saturday! My talk will be in the Wythe Hotel at 10am and then I’ll be signing Cool Japan Guide at Kinokuniya’s booth in the Brooklyn Expo Center at 1pm. See you there! Photo by Jason Speakman

    Friday 28th August 2015 - 9:51:48 AM | Comment

  • Radio Interview with ABC RN’s Saturday Extra

    This week I did an interview about Cool Japan Guide on Australia’s Radio National Saturday Extra show with Geraldine Doogue. We chatted about shrines, temples, and manga. You can listen to it now here and it can be downloaded as a podcast too! Tweet

    Sunday 15th February 2015 - 10:38:59 AM | Comment

  • Publisher’s Weekly review for Cool Japan Guide!

    Check out the Publisher’s Weekly review for Cool Japan Guide! You can pre-order now, and the release date is March 10th!

    Saturday 31st January 2015 - 8:03:30 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth in Brazil!

    Recently I was included in this nice write-up on food and illustration from Brazil’s leading paper, Folha de S.Paulo, the article is by Diogo Gomez, and great photography by Gilberto Tadday! We did the photo shoot at La Bergamote, a lovely French pastry place in Chelsea!

    Thursday 14th April 2011 - 11:46:34 PM | Comment

  • Dolltopia Featured in NY Daily News!

    New York Daily News posted a great piece on Dolltopia by Patrick Montero. Check it out here!

    Friday 2nd October 2009 - 3:01:01 PM | Comment

  • Japanese Interview!

    For you Japanese readers out there, I did an interview for the F Japon blog and it was posted today! Link here!

    Saturday 13th June 2009 - 11:15:31 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth Interview at Digital City!

    Check out this interview with me at Digital City!

    Tuesday 28th April 2009 - 11:45:19 PM | Comment

  • City Sweet Tooth writes for Spider- Man!

    My first Spider-Man comic, Amazing Spider-Man Family #3 is in stores now! My story is all about Aunt May fighting crime as Spider-Ma’am and it’s a lot of fun with great art by Colleen Coover. I reveal many more details in this interview at The Pulse. Click and read!

    Thursday 18th December 2008 - 2:40:46 AM | Comment

  • Interviewed by Metromix!

    (this photo: Michael Angelo for Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor) At the Eater Blogger Lounge Metromix was interviewing bloggers covering the NYC Wine and Food Fest. Of course I obliged. They also photographed me in a beauty chair at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor. Sweet! Click here to read!

    Monday 13th October 2008 - 2:10:08 AM | Comment

  • NY Daily News interview!

    Check it out! Patrick Montero did a lovely interview with me for the Daily News! Click to read!

    Monday 18th August 2008 - 6:43:02 PM | Comment