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  • The World of Walkers Shortbread!

    I recently got a delivery of Walkers Shortbread samples. Now I have to admit, I had NO idea just how many types of shortbread they made. I was familiar with the rectangular ones, but Walkers makes so many different shapes (fun to draw!) and flavors that this was an eye opener. I was particularly intrigued […]

    Monday 10th January 2011 - 3:52:28 PM | Comment (1)

  • Chocolate Tasting Extravaganza!

    Here are some pics from the extravaganza that Global Giving Circle put on this past Saturday. It was an amazing event with a huge turnout and I got to enjoy many different chocolate items, many old faves and some new flavors too! For instance these Balsamic truffles from Donna & Company:

    Wednesday 18th February 2009 - 8:46:27 PM | Comment