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  • Sweet Update – Michael Laiskonis Leaves Le Bernardin!

    Good luck to Michael Laiskonis who is leaving Le Bernardin (news broke last week) for new opportunities! I’ll always fondly remember taking the Brown Butter class you ran at NYCE 2010. Let’s all reminisce with this comic, shall we? Tweet

    Thursday 3rd November 2011 - 3:56:22 PM | Comment

  • Sweet Update – Van Leeuwen Ice Cream!

    Here’s another Sweet Update for you! Van Leeuwen Ice Cream! Back when I did this comic in 2008, the truck was just starting out around NYC! Now, they have 3 storefronts, coffee, baked goods, and more flavors (I am so into their Palm Sugar ice cream). It’s nice to see a success story when so […]

    Wednesday 24th August 2011 - 10:29:42 AM | Comment (1)

  • Sweet Update – Limelight!

    Here’s another Sweet Update!  Since we last checked in on Limelight Marketplace there have been some major changes. They’re now just calling it Limelight and took out most of The Sweet Room. Sad! No more Mari’s, Cupcake Stop, or Ruby et Violette branches there! They still do have Baci Gelato where they also make crepes […]

    Thursday 7th July 2011 - 1:03:33 AM | Comment

  • Sweet Update – La Maison du Macaron!

    As time goes by things are always changing in the NYC sweets scene, so I’ll be making some Sweet Updates here! One is La Maison du Macaron, it used to be called Madeleine Patisserie and it was the subject of my first City Sweet Tooth comic back in 2008! Luckily, not too much else has […]

    Tuesday 28th June 2011 - 3:50:55 AM | Comment (1)