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  • Bordeaux Wines at the Bar Bordeaux Opening

    Recently, I got to attend the opening celebration for Bar Bordeaux, a new wine bar that focuses specifically on wines from the Bordeaux region. It is a collaboration of the Collective Hospitality Team and Bordeaux Region, so there were several Bordeaux vintners in attendance. The decor is a fun mix of classic and pop art, […]

    Tuesday 28th January 2014 - 3:38:04 AM | Comment

  • Sweet, Sweet Wine Tasting: Precept, Part 1!

    This month  Precept kindly provided me samples of their sweet wines to try out! They carry several lines that are of interest to sweets fans. There is Chocolate Shop, Confectioners, Chocolate Cellar, and they have sweet Reislings as well, in their non-sweet specific brands. I set up a tasting with some friends, some who have sweet […]

    Thursday 5th January 2012 - 12:45:15 PM | Comment

  • Introducing Sweet, Sweet Wine!

    Every once in a while I’ve done some wine coverage, especially with chocolate pairings, but I’ve been wanting to bring more recommendations to sweets fans like myself. I am not a wine expert in any way, in fact, I often find myself disappointed when tasting wines since the most common wines are often too dry […]

    Wednesday 4th January 2012 - 3:20:04 AM | Comment